Wisdom is derived from experience. Our team has years of experience managing complex supply chains. Whether it’s the perils of mother nature or regional growing transitions; we understand how to react to ensure your continuity of supply.


Jason Wyatt
Business Development Director


Industry Experience: Over 19 years
Jason started his career managing the sales and growth strategies for large retail accounts. Later he spent years working directly with growers helping them build and manage supply chains across multiple commodity lines. Building off this strong background in growing operations and commodity management, Jason partners with our customers to align our production to meet year-round supply needs.  

Scott Hakes
Supply Chain Management Director


Industry Experience: Over 26 years
Scott has a thorough understanding of growing regions throughout North and Central America. During his career, he has built and managed complex supply chains for large national retail accounts. Scott’s expertise is in managing the entire supply chain process; from production, consolidation, repack and forward distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. Scott also has extensive experience in managing customer accounts and identifying market trends in the industry.

Darrell Allen
Category Analytics Director


Industry Experience: over 32 years
Darrell spent his first 24 years as a buyer and produce merchandiser for a large produce retailer in the Northeast. Since then, he has applied his own experience in helping our customers with their Category Analytics and understanding their competitive landscape. Darrell has a keen ability to analyze store data and provide solutions that create competitive advantages.


Wally Sanford
Food Safety Director


Industry Experience: over 14 years
Wally is a chemical engineer who initially managed two large multinational chemical plants in the Northeast. Wally transitioned into the fresh produce industry during the emergence of our industries food safety initiatives over 14 years ago. Wally is a certified trainer for FSMA’s Produce Safety Rules, Preventive Controls for Human Food and Foreign Supplier verification. HACCP trained with experience with the National Organic Program and served on the committee that created the standards for the USDA Harmonized Audit.

Jeff Williams
Sales & Production Manager


Industry Experience: Over 34 years
Jeff has spent his career in the fresh produce industry. Working with our production teams, Jeff manages the daily operations at the farms to ensure quality control and continuity of supply for our retail and wholesale accounts. Jeff also directs our “go to market strategy” for many commodities including our cabbage program.

Tony Piedimonte
Grower Development


Industry Experience: Over 50 years
Tony is a 5th generation farmer with over 50 years in the fresh produce industry. As a current farmer, Tony applies his knowledge to our production teams to create best farming practices, optimize yield and quality of our fresh fruits and vegetables. Tony currently grows over 750 acres of fresh vegetables in western New York.


Elisha Newberry


Industry Experience: Over 12 years
Elisha has experience across multiple aspects in the fresh produce industry including sales and accounting. Currently Elisha’s role is overseeing the Account Payables/Receivables. These functions include: reconciliations of vendor invoices, grower accounting, assisting our customers with possible discrepancies and various other PennRose Customer Service responsibilities.

George Barker
Account Manager


Industry Experience: Over 44 years
George began his career working 18 years for a regional produce retailer in the Northeast as a produce category manager. He then spent another 16 years as the VP of Perishables for a large national fresh produce company. George has a deep understanding of retailing fresh produce and creates value to our retail and wholesale customers.

Kara Baker
Account Manager


Industry Experience: Over 10 years
Kara began her career working for a large multi-national produce company. During this time, Kara became versatile in managing many aspects of the produce industry. Focusing on carrier management, produce sales, and account management. Kara helps align our produce supply chains to serve our retail and wholesale customers.


Alan Rucker
Quality Assurance


Industry Experience: Over 32 years
Alan began his career as a Quality Assurance Specialist for a large produce retailer in the Midwest. His role was to inspect fresh produce and ensure quality control at store level. Currently, Alan works with our production teams at the farms to ensure the right quality produce is packed and shipped.

Karen Thompson
Sales Coordinator


Industry Experience: Over 30 years
Karen has spent her career focused on executing the day to day operations needed to exceed our customers demands. Karen manages the order process, warehouse inventory, shipping protocols, and coordinates production schedules. Karen continues to focus on the needs of our customers.

Sue Friddle
Sales Coordinator


Industry Experience: Over 20 years
Sue began her produce career managing the shipping office for a large Florida based grower. Sue is proficient in order management, inventory management, and operations. Sue works in conjunction with our sales staff and production teams to ensure orders are processed and aligned with current inventories.