Quality Control

Food Safety

Food Safety is a critical component to our growing operations. Our facilities are in compliance with the guidelines set forth within the HACCP program. The PennRose Farms Food Safety Team continues to monitor and enforce the HACCP program according to each of our customer’s specific food safety requirements.

We perform multiple mock recalls throughout the year to ensure that we can trace back each lot to the specific source in the event of an actual recall.

Our team is committed to ensuring that production continues well into the future. We continuously are seeking new farming methods to enhance greater sustainability with reduced impacts to the environment.

Inspection Services

We employ trained and certified Quality Assurance Specialists both in the field and also in our consolidation facilities.  Using standardized inspection practices, we are able to verify quality on every order we ship. This helps ensure that our customers receive product that meets or exceeds their expectations on arrival.

PennRose Farms also provides consolidation, repack & forward distribution services from our network of warehouses located throughout North America. We also have the capability to create and design specialty consumer packs and custom packaging options.